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Posted by member thomas Hardy on Monday 11 May 2015

Can any one tell me why the scuppers at the rear of the side decks do not go right down to deck level. The bottom is about 15mm above the deck. This means that every time it rains there remains a 15mm deep puddle which needs to be sponged out. I am considering extending the opening down to deck level to fix this problem. Has anyone done this? Are there any pitfalls?
I find this an irritating problem on an otherwise lovely little boat which attracts complementary comments wherever I go.
Happy hardying to all.
Mike Butcher

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Monday 11 May 2015

Hi Mike,
You could go down a little bit lower down, but not by much about 5mm at the most. otherwise you will weaken the bond between the deck moulding and the hull moulding in that position. Before you start doing any work make sure that the area below the scupper is bonded with GRP matting. If you go ahead with lowering the scupper ensure you reinstate the flowcoat covering on the scupper joint to ensure it is watertight from above.

Kind Regards
Simon Papendick
Hardy Marine Former employee

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Posted by member Hardy Editor on Monday 11 May 2015

Ahoy Mike,

You are quite right and this is an irritation that most of us with Pilot 20s have just learned to live with - however as Simon says, I have seen some owners take the scupper down a little bit. To be honest, I never fancied doing that, as I was worried about the consequences, and just decided to live with it. Where I moor, we have leaves, dust and other assorted debris, which collect in the puddle leaving a nasty dirty residue, which needs regular flushing out otherwise it stains that area of the deck and also blocks half the scupper. I've just accepted it in my own case, but it is annoying.

I will ask around and see if I can locate someone who has had a go at lowering their scuppers and see how they got on.

All the best,
HOC Editor

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Posted by member Adrian Espin on Sunday 1 October 2017

Has anyone thought of fitting drains into the deck here and piping them down to skin fittings a few cm above the waterline? This is standard on the Cromarty 36 and works well.

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