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Posted by member Simon Kidd on Thursday 16 November 2017

The old Volvo Penta 31 and 41 series had a service item to physiclaly clean the turbine blades - we even had to carry this out on our old Fairline Targa - always used on the Sea. The newer engines (D3 series etc) seem a lot better - cleaner, so hopefully not such an issue - but of course it can still cause faults - but then so can dirty fuel and faulty electrics (have the Turbo Actuator checked if performance is poor). The variable geometry turbos can cause issues - though frankly, I haven't seen enough issues to tell if low-speed running is the cause - usually the problems we find are faulty actuators meaning the turbine blade angles are incorrectly set for the given exhaust manifold pressure. Sometimes difficult to pickup on Single engined boats.

Make sure the oil is nice and warm and changed often if not running her hard - cold, old oil in a diesel is not nice!

Will - As I've said - get her down to London for a good run on occasion - she'll love it!

Best Regards

Simon Kidd

Hardy 25 Lady Helen - with twin High revving petrols!

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Posted by member Demelza on Monday 6 November 2017

Anyone interested in this matter may want to look at the thread by Atheda "Another question on turbos" in the YBW Motor Boats forum. I have been given some interesting answers and advise.

Will Sturgeon this will be helpful to you.

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Posted by member Demelza on Sunday 5 November 2017

Hi Will,

The product I have looked at is Revive (https://reviveturbocleaner.com). The Powerenchancer product looks less trouble. I will be going out with a chap with lots of diesel engine experience the week after next. I may have an answer then.

We find the 25 a great boat. I'm not too worried about this issue in the longer term as we are in the Thames & Medway Estuaries so can do a lot of high speed running. I would be more concerned if I were doing more low speed trips.


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Posted by member will spurgeon on Sunday 29 October 2017

Hi Dave

My dad and I are negotiating the purchase of a Hardy 25 with the same engine, and hes very concerned about this issue. My work colleague has built a few engines in his time, and is helping us find a solution to the long term care of this engine when used on the Thames and other inland waterways for extended periods of low speed cruising... so far this has been suggested to me:
We should share our findings! Hope this goes well as Im very taken with the boat in every other respect :-)


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Posted by member David Atherton on Thursday 19 October 2017

We have a Hardy 25. Bought about 20 months ago and fairly lightly used until last 3 to 4 months. I moved the boat to a new marina in June a 3 hour run from the old one and the performance was not bad. Since then performance has deteriorated. We had the bottom cleaned - move from drying berth to afloat 24/7. Made major difference however still not what I expect. The local work shop has checked and suggest carbon build up and a good high speed run should clear it. If not removal of turbo and clean is only option.
I have seem various turbo-cleaners advertised which focus on cars (more of them than boats I guess). These products claim to not require any major dismantling other than exhaust pipe taken off the turbo.

Has anyone tried these products (they include the suggestion that Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner works) ? Any good ? or other solutions ?



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