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HOC Member Login

Cookies and the HOC Website

Like most websites now days the HOC website uses cookies. Cookies are small amounts of data stored on your computer by the various websites you visit, and are often used for marketing purposes such that after checking some desirable object you are reminded upon your next visit that a purchase has not yet been made! Or even to target a pop-up advertisement on some other website you visit. You will notice that many internet sites now ask for permission to use cookies, usually to "optimise your browsing experience" for this reason.

Cookies on the HOC website are not used like this, and in fact are not used or retained for any marketing or such purposes whatsoever. An HOC cookie is solely used to allow members full access the HOC Forum and Members Only pages since to post to these you must be a current member and if you want to make any posting you will be asked to log in.

You will be asked for a name, which can be anything you like, and this is used when making a posting on the Forum or even to say 'hello name' when you return to the Forum at a later date.

You will be also asked for your e-mail address and your membership number. These are checked against the current membership list for validity, and if they match exactly your log-in will be accepted. This data is then stored in a cookie on your computer – and you can return to the Forum. Next time you visit your log-in information can pop up when you click in the boxes and then you just use Enter to accept. (If you change your e-mail address the original will be used until such time as you have advised the Membership Secretary of your new one, and if you forget your membership number a reminder can be sent to your registered e-mail address).

Now here comes the important bit. When you make a posting, the Forum checks the cookie now stored on your computer. If the cookie is not found it will ask you to login again. If you have logged in correctly but the cookie cannot then be found then something is wrong, and a likely reason is that cookies are not enabled in the web browser you are using and it has not been stored. Although most web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc.) have cookies enabled by default there are settings (usually under under safety or privacy) where these can be modified or turned off.

Another possible cause is the use of some security programme which is not allowing the use of cookies. There are so many computer/tablet/browser combinations possible now days that it is impossible to be more explicit about this. However 99% of our members can log into our pages without any problems, and the 1% who have had problems usually find the answer lies either in cookie control or else in an agressive security or anti virus programme.

If all else fails then if possible as a test attempt to log in using another computer or tablet.

Now that you are logged in you can make entries on the Forum. You will notice your 'name' is already filled in but that your e-mail address is not visible. This is only used internally to send you an acknowledgement after you have made a posting.

If you do not wish your login data to be stored on the computer when you have finished you have the option of logging out any time at the top of the Forum page and this will delete the cookie. Of course with the cookie deleted you will have to re-enter your details again next time you visit.

Our HOC website pages can usually be viewed on most Computers, Laptops, Tablets or even Mobile Phones without any problem, so why not visit our pages and enjoy.

Privacy   For your peace of mind, only membership information (your name, membership number, and in an encoded form, your e-mail address) is stored, and this is solely for logging in purposes.