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Posted by member colin and angela on Wednesday 19 June 2024

Hi Bill,I have to say I haven't seen hinges like that before, ie alloy ones integral with the door edging, I assume the door is alloy edged from your description, does it fix to wood or alloy frame? (looks like alloy)

Could be that this type at the time of your boats build was a fitment on caravans as a lot of caravan stuff found it's way onto boats. A search of caravan fitting suppliers online may yield some clue?

Does the hinge flap detach from the door edging or is it held captive? I would have thought the former as it should be possible to replace the hinge flap/hinge unit.

A curtain would work, however, I wouldn't have thought it too difficult to fit a stainless or alloy flap hinge in place of what you have here, would involve getting the right size hinges and possibly slightly elongating the screw holes to take the screws, if you didn't feel up to it, you might know someone who is? (The gap between the door and frame when closed would have to be sufficient to allow the flaps to be surface mounted as you cannot cut them in/inset them as you would a wooden door/frame)

Good luck with this!


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Posted by member Bill Alexander. 1991. Seawings 234 , Crinan Argyll on Tuesday 4 June 2024

* The door hinges on the heads of this 1991 Seawings have broken. Are they replaceable or is a new door with integral hinges required? Is such a thing available!? Any suggestions welcomed. Maybe will have to resort to fitting a curtain instead

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