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Posted by member Robin Muckle on Tuesday 2 August 2022

Morning All

A Hardy Seawings 314 belonging to me (Rob) and a friend (Dave) is currently on the hard at Gillingham Marina. Lack of use during the Covid period has apparently resulted in severe corrosion to the steering mechanism around the area of the transom shields and associated steering linkage. The engines have been removed for access and in addition both need a new turbocharger.

The marina has quoted for replacement transom shields including hydraulic rams, steering mechanism, all associated accessories and turbochargers using new Volvo parts. The total figure including labour is very close to £30,000. It assumes that the sterndrive legs themselves are OK which they seem to be. This approach incurs costs of well over half the value of the boat.

We are currently looking for specialists in reconditioned sterndrives etc. in order to reduce the cost of purchasing new Volvo parts at premium prices. The reassembly work would probably need to be carried out in Gillingham as the boat is now in pieces. Our research so far suggests that reconditioned units are generally of high quality and we could maybe make large savings on parts.

We would very much appreciate hearing about experiences anyone may have had in this sort of area and any advice would be helpful.

Best wishes

Rob and Dave

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