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Posted by member Alan Morrison on Saturday 30 July 2022

Hi Keith.
Thanks for that extremely useful response.
I've been fiddling with the angles and seem to have achieved a reasonable compromise.
The notion of using the pipe to raise the prop out of the water is genius. I'll have to experiment with that.

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Posted by member Keith lewcock on Tuesday 19 July 2022

* Hi Alan
This is not an unusual situation. You do not say whether the Honda is short or long shaft. Hopefully long shaft. The critical requirement is that the auxilliary engine operates correctly when needed. When lowered the propellor should be below the hull bottom and the cavitation plate level with or lower than the hull bottom. In choppy seas the prop can rise out of the water and cavitate. However you are unlikely to raise the OB clear of the transom. I reinforced the transom with 20mm plywood fibreglassed both inside and out before fitting the OB bracket. Although my long shaft was in the correct position to drive the boat when lowered the tiller/throttle was nearly vertical. But it did work and It may be possible to steer with the main engine. Most OBs have a shallow water position but this was not adequate when the OB was raised. The prop dragged in the wake from the main motor. I accepted that I was not going to raise the OB clear of the transom. I lift it, turn it sideways and use a piece of plastic water pipe to prop it up. See photo. Having the aux. OB in the correct position to drive the boat in an emergency is the critical factor and you may have to compromise on the storage position.

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Posted by member Alan Morrison on Sunday 17 July 2022

I'm a new owner of a Hardy 20 pilot with a 2 stroke outboard main engine.
I have a new Honda 5 hp 4 stroke as an auxiliary mounted on a bracket.
I'm having great difficulty trying to get it into a position where the tiller clears the transom moulding when in use and doesn't drag when stowed.
I dont fancy an extension to the bracket and share Richard's concern re shearing forces. Bathing platform sounds good but what would viibily fordward be like?
Any body got a solution/suggestion

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