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Posted by member Derek on Saturday 9 July 2022

Got that thanks. I’ll give it a go.

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Posted by member Richard Harrison on Friday 8 July 2022

I hadn’t realised that the inner bladder was available separately - I guess that this might be be needed if the liner became damaged or deteriorated. I bought the complete tank at about £60 from Seamark Nunn. It’s a tough nylon envelope which fits quite pleasingly in the forward compartment and is filled through a screwed spigot on the top. I’ve had it for about five years now and it’s given no problems whatsoever. Prior to that I tried a combination of sandbags and lead weights but they proved messy and untidy.

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Posted by member derek on Friday 8 July 2022

Richard, I see Plastimo do the 120 litre flexible tank, also the "replacement" 120 litre bladder. Do I take it you are just using the bladder without the tank?
Many thanks, Derek

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Posted by member Richard Harrison on Thursday 7 July 2022

I have a similar issue on my Pilot, with a 75hp Honda hanging on the stern. Rather than sandbags or ingots or lead bars I’ve used a Plastimo triangular water bladder which fits neatly in the forward locker. It has a capacity of 120 litres (ie 120kg) and I estimate that I have put about 80 litres/kg into it. This has the advantage that it’s pretty easy to set up the trim using just a hosepipe!

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Posted by member derek on Thursday 7 July 2022

Thinking I need some ballast in the forward locker and I'm trying to avoid too much trial and error! Not for planing, river use only max 6knots.
I have a 20 hp outboard, and particularly with the family gathering in the wheelhouse the stern tends to dig in particularly with a bit more power upstream.
I realise its not an exact science but would be interested as to how much weight others have used in similar circumstances. Thinking of using lead ingots.
Advice appreciated.

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