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Posted by member Peter Cox on Monday 6 June 2022

Correction: on my 32 there is a limber hole from the bow thruster compartment through to the compartment below the forward cabin, which in turn leads to the holding tank compartment where the forward bilge sensor/pump is. However, the route could not take much of a water flow, so perhaps the need for an additional water alarm.
My mid and aft sensors are conventional float switches, whereas the forward sensor is the water pressure type; I recall Sue Sydney saying that even a couple of buckets of water didn't set it off, so I'm considering replacing mine with a 'conventional' float switch - has anybody done it?

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Posted by member Peter Cox on Monday 30 May 2022


I haven't got such a panel on my 32, so I'm guessing that yours is an afterfit. I was wondering only the other day why there isn't a fourth factory fit float switch and pump in the bilge of the forward cabin because that's where the hull could be holed if one hit something, and there's no limber hole through to the bilge below the galley/dinette, where the forward switch/pump is. I suggest you look under the forward cabin, not forgetting the compartment where the bow thruster is. Perhaps the errant float switch is somewhere there, fitted by a previous owner who had the same thoughts as me.

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Posted by member Roger King on Monday 30 May 2022

* I have a Commander 32 (Chaser) with a bilge alarm that has started to sound continuously when the domestic battery is in circuit - only way of stopping it is to remove the fuse or turn off the battery isolator., I assume there is a faulty float switch somewhere but the Owners Manual does not identify where this might be,

The three factory bilge pumps appear to operate normally and the bilges are dry except for a drop or two in the engine bilge by the stern glands. There might be 5 mm there at most and certainly not enough to bring in the bilge pump so I assume the bilge alarm does not get its signal from the bilge pumps, Can anyone tell me how the bilge alarm is triggered and where the sensor is? The alarm is the (standard?) one by your left hip when sitting in the helm seat - see photo.

Roger King

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