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Posted by member Derek Gordon on Sunday 29 May 2022

* Hi, Our 2003 ‘36 had no generator until the previous owner retro fitted a new 4kw Fischer Panda generator in 2015. It is fitted neatly into the space below the helm. I see from boat records the 4000s FC PMS generator was supplied and fitted by Fischer Panda. Hopefully Fischer Panda can assist. They knew our boat as ‘Teal’. Contact details: robert.tuck@fischerpanda.co.Uk or Michelle Oats if she is still at FP. I am told FP customer service is very good.
The generator is still working well at 350 hours.

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Posted by member Julian Gregory on Wednesday 25 May 2022

We don’t have a generator on our 36 but can’t it be dropped in through the central hatches between the helm and navigators stations onto the holding tank and then moved across? I know they are heavy but perhaps with some timber for it to sit and slide on and / or using some kind of crane?

We used an engine crane to remove and replace the genny on our previous Broom 41. I had to dismantle the crane to get it (very carefully) into the saloon and it had to be placed very carefully but it worked. I used a chain block and tackle to do the lifting.

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Posted by member Richard Cain on Monday 16 May 2022

The generator on our 36 Commodore failed (hole in cylinder head), terminal!
Does anyone have experience of replacing the generator? Looks like I’ll have to dismantle helm seat and the base it sits on to get new one in. Had to split old unit from base and generator from engine to remove.

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