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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Wednesday 25 May 2022

Hi Martin,
My name is Simon Papendick and I worked at Hardy Marine between 1983 and 1990.I have over the years since leaving Hardy Marine have come across these leather covers on the rope fenders and they have almost always rotted the rope fender where they are fitted. the main reason being that where the scuppers are is the lowest point on the side decks and the rope fender support rails are in one section. So it creates a water trap which rots the rope fender and the support rail over a period of time. What I do for owners is make the support rails in four sections, two long sections to go from the bow to the scuppers and then two shorter rails to the scupper to the transom. So where the water comes off the side decks the water can not stand on the top of the support rails ans rot the rope fender away. that way you do not need these leather covers as they are doing more harm than good.

Kind Regards

Simon Papendick

J-Star Marine Services
Works Mobile 07534045729

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Posted by member Peter Cox on Tuesday 3 May 2022

I don't know what your leg socket looks like but this one for sale looks very similar to the one on my Hardy:

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Posted by member Mr Ashley Brown on Tuesday 3 May 2022

I am refurbishing the interior of my Pilot SE and the leg socket in the cabin has corroded severely (Literally falling apart) I bought what I thought was a suitable replacement but the recess is too deep and so my question is does. anyone know where I can get one from? I have tried eBay etc without any luck. (Plently of flat with deep recess but not for the Hardy)


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Posted by member Martin on Saturday 16 April 2022

Hi Keith, many thanks and I will be pleased to have your old leather sleeves. I am based in Poole, please email me martin.nickolls@gmail.com so I can give my address and arrange to cover costs.

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Posted by member Keith Lathwell on Saturday 16 April 2022

Hi Martin,
I have recently renewed my fender which came fitted with new leather sleeves. I have a pair of original leather sleeves which you are welcome to have. I am in East Kent. I renewed my fender due to rot either side of the leather sleeve caused by water run off through the scupper. The hardwood ledge under the fender was also rotten.
Let me know where you are and I will see about sending the sleeves.
Rgds Keith

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Posted by member Richard Moynan on Friday 15 April 2022

We have a short length of black plastic downpipe on our Hardy Fisher on either side to protect the rope from the worst of the deck run-off. It is easy to fit before you fit your rope and slides by hand if you need to move it. Black seems to be fairly benign and does not stand out against the hull. I hope this is helpful.

Richard Moynan

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Posted by member Martin on Thursday 14 April 2022

* Hello Hardies,
My Bosun, Nirvana, has leather bands wrapped around the rope fender below the scupper drains. I am assuming these were original supply to protect the rope, so does anyone know a source for replacements?
Excuse the inverted picture, my old iOS doesn't allow me to rotate it!
Martin Nickolls

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