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Posted by member colin hewitson on Tuesday 11 January 2022

So very sad to see a boat in distress like this, especially a Hardy! I may be wrong but I believe this may actually be on the river Frome that runs through/near Wareham? The kind person who reported this to Angie has also (we believe) reported it to the relevant water authorities, so hopefully, the owner will be made aware if indeed that is not already the case!
Seen a few boats following recovery from sinking, hopefully the damage will not be too bad. Saw one boat salvaged at Kielder water in Northumberland that had sunk during a bad storm at her mooring.
I understand that she had been resting on the bottom for a few years and broke the surface when they lowered the water level in the reservoir to work on the dam wall face, indeed a few boats appeared around but this one was identical to a cruiser we had on the moorings at the time. Nice end to that story as the boat was eventually recovered and was I remember used by the local scout group after the necessary refurbishment and it was good to see her being put to good use again!
Hopefully this lovely boat can be recovered and restored too!
Happy New Year everyone!

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Posted by member Angela Hewitson on Monday 10 January 2022

* Hi everyone

A non member has sent me this photo earlier today of this sunken Hardy 'Lazy B' on Wareham River - she doesn't appear to belong to any of our members and it may be that the owner is already aware but please share as appropriate.


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