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Posted by member Peter Clubbe on Saturday 15 January 2022

There's a very informative article on polishing gelcoat in this month's PBO. I've read it with interest as I have the same problem, paint or polish? If you decide to go down the polishing route, let us know how you get on- I'm sure others will be interested as well as myself. Cheers.

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Posted by member colin hewitson on Wednesday 12 January 2022

Hi Johnny, sorry cannot help you personally as both boats we previously owned had painted finish hulls and didn’t need any attention during the time we owned them other than brushing off accumulations of algae etc from the waterline. One of them had just been professionally repainted prior to our purchase.

If you ‘Google’ it or look on ‘You tube’, there is a lot of information on products and techniques relating to polishing fibreglass gel coats on boats etc. There may even be some articles by members if you do a search of past HOC magazines in the downloads, it’s one of those subjects that’s likely to crop up!

Perhaps there is someone who could advise you at your marina, boat club or moorings?

Hopefully there's another member who has experience or information relating to this. I remember reading of a few boaters who had successfully carried out this type of boat maintenance with some success but I would expect it’s a fairly time consuming job and probably best done when your boats out of the water. It's one of those jobs that's likely to have to be repeated every few seasons depending on where you keep your boat moored.
I would be tempted to try a small patch on the hull to see what works and what is involved before committing to the whole hull.


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Posted by member Johnny on Wednesday 12 January 2022

Hi Col,

Thank you for your reply, yes it's gel coat which has faded like you describe, however I thought it had faded too much in order to polish. What would you recommend I use to polish and see if I can restore the original gel coat ?.

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Posted by member colin hewitson on Tuesday 11 January 2022

Hi Johnny, are you certain your boat is painted? as most Hardy boats have coloured gel coat finishes, the blue tends to oxidize with the weather resulting in a bloomy/white finish which can be polished out.


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Posted by member Johnny on Sunday 9 January 2022

Can anyone offer any advice on the best type of paint and painting method for my Hardy18 Fast Fisher, the hull in particular has faded badly and this will be the first time I've painted her as I only purchased the boat last year, I don't think she has been painted in 4 or 5 years. Any advice and guidance hugely appreciated. Other than a faded hull she is in immaculate condition.

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