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Posted by member Tom Storey on Saturday 8 January 2022

* This is how it looks so far - for reference.

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Posted by member Tom Storey on Saturday 8 January 2022

Hi Derek,

I’m refitting the cabin of our Seawings at the moment (still) and have lined the grp with 10mm foil-lined foam designed for insulating vans I think. The boat sits closed up for weeks at a time because we live about an hour away and so far I’ve seen no condensation at all.
We use it as a bedroom when we visit the in-laws so warm breath and body heat will be the real test I suppose, once I’ve finished.

The foam I’ve used is around £60 for 5m on eBay and I reckon I’ll use about 7m once I’ve fully-lined the cabin and some of the cockpit.


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Posted by member Nick Askham on Friday 7 January 2022

Hi Derek
My Pilot also suffers from a small amount of condensation as do virtually all boats I believe. Certainly the variables of our weather, particularly of late when it's been warm one day and cold another, is doubtless the culprit. I rather think that in my boat the condensation occurs between the hull lining and the grp, especially as the lining doesn't seem to fit snugly against the side. I go to the boat every week and whilst I have no heating I do air the cabin. I also use the small, disposable, dehumidifiers which seem to work well and the cushions do not get damp. I certainly think that a vent can help though there's not one in my boat. I know that in narrow boats spray foam insulation is well regarded but that might be going a bit far in your Pilot, unless you are prepared for a "major" overhaul in that area. Simon Papendick, on this forum, might be able to shed some useful light on this subject.

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Posted by member Terry Asquith on Thursday 6 January 2022

The cushions in our Seawings 234 used to get damp if the boat was left sealed up over long periods. To make things slightly better we bought a small dehumidi\fier from Force4 .Its plugged into the shore power lead and is set to just tickover. It sits in the cabin discharging straight into the sink. Powered ventilation would probably be a better solution but for the moment this works reasonably well, even if it costs an electricity card every month or so.

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Posted by member Derek on Thursday 6 January 2022

Hi Peter, yes that's me to, trying to cover all angles! Experience specific to Hardys would be invaluable, hence the request here. thanks

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Posted by member PeterCox on Thursday 6 January 2022

This is being discussed on the ybw forum (unless you are the original poster there too):

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Posted by member Derek on Wednesday 5 January 2022

I have a couple of "wet" cushions in the fore cabin of my Pilot. Thinking I had a rainwater leak I removed all the plywood and vinyl headlinings to locate it. It seems there is no leak but an excessive amount of condensation on the GRP behind the boards, which has been collecting and dripping onto the cushions. I realise that condensation is nigh on impossible to eliminate but has anyone easily and successfully applied anything between the plywood and the GRP that has helped to reduce it?
Thanks in anticipation.

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