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Posted by member Rob on Monday 28 February 2022

I will state I can't agree enough about getting a quote in advance. I used one near me, then again after 8 years. The price rose from £75.00 with a free re-test to £270.00 with a re-test charged for if he had to visit it. As I was abroad during the test, I had to pay it. As a photo was taken he did not charge for the re-test. I would always use a local one for this reason, although the last one was local.

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Posted by member Peter Clubbe on Thursday 13 January 2022

Hello Nils, a very useful link- thanks very much- looks promising. Cheers P.

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Posted by member Nils Happach on Sunday 9 January 2022

Hallo Peter

I think they have a harbor Cover for 329/399.

Greatings from Hamburg

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Posted by member Peter Clubbe on Wednesday 5 January 2022

Hi all, new member, ex-sailboat, just bought a Navigator, not taken delivery yet but planning a few mods already..

Cockpit cover- mine has the standard(?) blue, heavyweight cover with a frame support. Ok for winter storage or foul weather use, but for summer use I'm thinking of making a simple lightweight cover running from the aft edge of the coachroof to the transom, to be easily detachable and stowable, so no frame, I can't find any photos of a similar arrangement, has anyone else tried this??

Also I would like to install stanchions and a guard wire along the side decks for safer access to the bow for mooring. Again I can't find any examples to study, has anyone else done this??

All comments/advice gratefully received..

Cheers P.

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