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Posted by member Colin Hewitson on Monday 29 November 2021

Ahoy all!
I was sitting in the early hours during storm Arwen anticipating our small touring caravan blowing over on our driveway (thankfully it didn't) while the glazing etc was blowing out of our garden room after a wind borne planter from a neighbouring garden took out one of the panes leading to others blowing out. After the storm abated, a check revealed we had far less damage than anticipated, thankfully (we were lucky) and certainly when compared to others close by us.

On the Northumberland coast/North East we got hit very badly by the storm with gusts reaching 98 mph, (sadly there has even been loss of life) just as have other parts of the country! This really was a 'weather bomb' storm and the roaring sound was both deafening and frightening if you were outside trying to save things. Massive cleanup of broken glass/debris etc the following day and will continue for weeks if not months!

Just read an update from our ‘marina of choice’ for many years (where we would have almost certainly berthed our Hardy) following the storm and am very sorry to hear of some ‘significant and extensive damage’ to the marina site, pontoons and some boats etc! This hasn’t been restricted to boats on the moorings as those on the hard have also been blown over or damaged, I understand that some may not be repairable! I am almost certain this will likely be the case at other marinas and boat storage facilities in the region.

During the storm, I couldn’t help thinking how relieved I was we didn’t have a boat to worry about at a marina, (or anywhere) indeed the first time in many years I have been glad we didn’t have a boat and I never thought I would say that!!!! (Having had our cruiser and latterly our yacht storm damaged on moorings in the past – we know all too well what it’s like along with the cost and hassle of repairs – especially somewhere as remote as Kielder where they were at the time!)
Hope all members boats escaped damage from this storm, Angie’s and my thoughts are with you all and any boat owners (or others) who have suffered damage to their boats etc – it’s been a tough few years for all with Covid etc, we could really all have done without this!!!

Best Regards from us both!
(Col & Angie)

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