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Posted by member lynall on Saturday 27 November 2021

Previous boat std bennet system with std rocker switches, previous owner added the benent auto system, worked very well no matter what speed the boat was doing.
Only annoying thing was every time the isolator was turned off you had to relearn it each time it was needed once isolaotor turned back on., ie only for the first time then it was fine all day long.

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Posted by member Robert Sneddon on Saturday 27 November 2021

Hello Tom.
Like you I looked at the different types of tabs available and in the end I fitted Bennett hydraulic trim tabs on the Family Pilot. I also opted for the basic Euro style rocker switch mainly due to the extra cost for the electronic ones with the lights etc.
With a bit of practice I know how many seconds it takes for my tabs to go from fully up to full down. They are great for getting the boat up but I like the fact that I can level off the boat if need be with a little adjustment and also if I need to bring the bow down slightly if heading into some weather.
They definitely improved the boats handling.
Kind regards

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Posted by member Gary Steele on Saturday 27 November 2021

I had nauticus sx smart tabs on my Navigator. Cheap way to aid getting on the plane and some out of the water adjustments available to fine tune. I'm probably not experienced enough to judge how effective they were in their "automatic" functions on list etc .
I now have a 21ft Fairline, different hull of course, but opted to buy a far more expensive Lenco system which I've yet to fit. The advice I got for the Fairline was to buy the best I could afford.

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Posted by member Tom Storey on Friday 26 November 2021

Hi HOC brethren,

I’m working up to taking the plunge on some trim tabs for my Seawings 194. I think I’m going to go for an adjustable set if I can afford it, but I thought it would be interesting to canvass what others have installed and why, if you will?

In my mind manual Lectrotabs are the current front runner.

Thanks for sharing.


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