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Posted by member Carrie Edwards on Wednesday 17 November 2021

Dear Hardy owners,

We recently bought a Hardy 18 Navigator Potter in July.She has a sail and mast equipment stored on top of a shipping container in Windsor.We have unsuccessfully tried to arrange a courier, but it is proving difficult as the mast is 6-7 metres long and about a meter wide.

As far as I know it is in good condition.The sails are bagged and have been stored indoors.

The previous owner ( who has sailed her is very amenable (and patient) and has good knowledge of the equipment,(whereas we are rookies),but I am sure if anyone liases through me initially that he will give more details and arrange a pick up.With reasonable notice,he will get his lads to get the mast and rigging off the roof of the container.

We want this sail and mast to go to a good home and are gutted that we cannot sort out transport.

Please enquire if you are interested,
Thank you
Carrie and Jon

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