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Posted by member Ray on Tuesday 30 November 2021

Hello Graham, is it still for sale? I sent you an email about a week ago regarding information about your winter cover.

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Posted by member Graham Ballett on Monday 25 October 2021

Hello John
I've just come across your post regarding a winter cover for your Pilot. We bought a 25 in 2020 which came with a very substantial winter cover that we were told by the previous owner that it was with the boat when he bought it. Like us he never used it so we don't know whether it would fit any other Hardy and it's in excellent condition. We have advertised it in the sales section and because we know what some good covers cost, we priced it at £950 due to it's condition, size and robustness - it would cover the whole boat. However, probably because it isn't cheap, we are going to reduce it to £650 ono. If you feel it would be worth a conversation, do give us a call.
Good wishes
Graham Ballett

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Posted by member John Sutton on Friday 8 October 2021

With the boating season coming to an end, I would like to purchase a boat cover to protect my Hardy Pilot from the worst of the weather during the winter months. There seem to be plenty of boat covers of various sizes, grades and prices on the market, but I’m nor sure what would be suitable for a Pilot, and would appreciate any advice and recommendations.

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