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Posted by member colin hewitson on Tuesday 19 October 2021

I thought Jan’s article was very interesting (if indeed one of the best I have read in the excellent magazine) and thought provoking, he is certainly qualified to give his opinion on what is a world wide problem, indeed one that mankind ignores at his/her peril. The results are becoming fairly obvious to even the most disbelieving with evidence in every country including our own!
Boats are an investment as well as a passion, clearly, Jan is also very passionate about his boat and was involved in it’s design and commission, so no doubt, letting it go was very difficult decision for him, he gives his reasons for letting her go, again he is entitled to them and what works for him, is right for him.
I believe the Magazine (Marie - Editor) is trying to present a balanced view on such and as such, should be applauded! I have found in my long life that just ignoring a problem will not usually result in it going away. My longstanding choice is for sail power anyway, possibly for the reasons given.
Hopefully the future of boating will be assured and we can all go on enjoying our Hardy boats and boating activities!
Just my thoughts,

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Posted by member lynall on Saturday 9 October 2021

Yes boat owners and their boats have a future, and I am willing to bet it is pretty much the same as it is now.
I started to read that guys article, and did wonder whos idea it was to put it in the club magazine?
I hate it when people try and push their own agenda down my throat.

Anyway rant over, off to see if my boat is still afloat!

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Posted by member Julian Gregory on Friday 8 October 2021

To my mind his article and the previous one sounded like someone who has analysed a situation that is extremely difficult to predict and reached a conclusion that may or may not be correct. He acted upon it and sold his boat and oddly sought to validate his decision in a motor boat owners club magazine.

Personally we plan to enjoy our Hardy with optimism about the prospect of a low carbon replacement for diesel becoming more readily available in the marine environment.

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Posted by member Terry Asquith on Wednesday 6 October 2021

What a strange mixture in the Autumn 21 magazine. Several articles celebrated the HOCs 40th anniversary events, then Hardy Boats history and then Cockwells plans for the future, bigger and better 45s and 65s. Then Jan Van Der Schans article in the same magazine suggested that large boats and their builders are dinosaurs, IC engines will become extinct in 9 years, hybrid systems are fit only for small boats and consequently only sailing boats will survive. What mix of optimism and pessimism.
So what do we do? Should we follow his example and sell up now before the market collapses or do we invest in masts and sails?

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