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Posted by member Terry Asquith on Saturday 9 October 2021

I knew it was rainwater without tasting because it was brown. It creeps through the side window of the cabin into the pocket below picking up the brown stain from the woodwork and works its way down behind the side cushions onto the bench and down via the locker lid picking up more colour and moves forward. It happened again last week. Must sort that window.

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Posted by member Tom Storey on Saturday 9 October 2021

Thanks Terry.

I think I’m going to go a similar route with hand pump and sponge. I can’t see there’s any other cost-effective option. Hopefully mine is also rainwater, but we’ll see whether it reappears once I’ve cleared it I guess.


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Posted by member Terry Asquith on Wednesday 6 October 2021

Tom, I think as you suggest there should be a void beneath the cabin floor from bow to stern between the cabin and the hull mouldings.This was the structure of our previous boat which had a bulkhead between engine and cabin to maintain a bouyant compartment with a plug to allow drainage. I have found rainwater under the vee berth of our Seawings 234 which hadn't drained back to the bilge pump but I haven't been able to find a plug in the 234's bulkhead because the base is hidden under boards.
I eventually cleared out my rainwater using one of those small pumps intended for oil changes followed by a sponge and bucket. Hope this helps.

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Posted by member Tom Storey on Monday 27 September 2021

* Hello,

I’ve found standing water in the bilge underneath the cabin inspection hatch in my Seawings 194 (v. similar to a Regatta). I’ve attached a picture for info.

I can’t get much in there to see what’s going on but my initial investigations suggest the bilge extends the length of the boat. Does anyone have a good idea of how the bilge(s) is organised so I can come up with a plan to get all the water out.

Thanks in advance.

Tom Storey

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