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Posted by member Chris Bennett on Thursday 2 September 2021

Hello Nick, thanks for the response - delighted to hear from you so soon! I have added some comments to your auxiliary engine thread too and would be happy to expand if you'd like. I'm on chris@e-sapphire.net - from there we can keep in touch on when we're both around. Hopefully we'll hear from others too. Cheers, Chris

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Posted by member Nick Askham on Tuesday 31 August 2021

Hi Chris, great to see your posting here today. I am the owner of "Snowgoose" and moor at the Twentypence marina upstream from where you saw me yesterday. I could see that you were motoring and guessed that you must have been heading back to base. I assume that you must moor at the Fish & Duck; I was aware that there were one or two Hardy boats there but have never been sure whether it was the right thing to come into the marina when passing in my boat. It's certainly good to make contact with other owners both from a social and practical point. Interestingly enough I posted a message on another thread here a few days ago about mounting an auxiliary engine onto Snowgoose and noticed that you have one on your Hardy. I'd certainly appreciate any help and advice about fitting a small auxiliary. It would also be good to perhaps meet up sometime and talk Hardy's.
Regards, Nick.

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Posted by member Chris Bennett on Tuesday 31 August 2021

Hi all, I'm the owner of Pilot "Above Board", based on the Great Ouse, Cambridgeshire. We passed "Snowgoose" moored a short distance from our marina yesterday on the return from a three day trip upriver and exchanged a friendly wave [sorry that we didn't stop to chat which otherwise I'd have done, but we were motoring on ahead of the drive home]. This reminded me that we share a marina with "Windstar" and "Annie", joined lately by "Urchin". As there seems to be a small fleet of us building up in the vicinity, and I haven't met another owner yet, I thought I'd make contact on here in case of practical help to any of us - or just to be sociable! Look forward to hearing from and meeting you. All best, Chris.

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