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Posted by member Richard cain on Saturday 24 July 2021

Hi John,
Thanks for your thoughts. Have tried the unplug/plug trick. Haven’t tried WD40 yet.
I was very surprised at how ‘clean’ everything seemed when I took cover off control box.

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Posted by member John W on Saturday 24 July 2021

Your image shows a somewhat different version to my Vetus, but at this age such intermittent faults are often caused by dirty connectors between the units, and unplugging and re plugging these, of which there can be several, will sometimes help. A little WD40 may help clean them. Usually when it is an intermittent fault it is not the actually unit itself which can fault in a more permanent manner !


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Posted by member Richard Cain on Saturday 24 July 2021

* Our 16 year old Vetus Electronic Engine control system is misbehaving. Started with not able to transfer control between stations (upper and lower). Now the lower station is switching itself off after approx 10 minutes. Control can be regained by pressing button!
No fault alarms and looking inside control box there are no fault neons lit.
Has anyone had similar problems. Thanks.
Richard Cain
Enigma of Hamble. Hardy Commodore 36

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