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Posted by member Richard cain on Saturday 24 July 2021

Our 36 has a holding tank with manual pump to discharge to sea. The sea cock is normally closed.
In each of our heads there is a removable circular hatch about 6” in diameter. Behind that is a change over valve which allows toilet discharge to sea or to holding tank.
Hope this helps.
Richard Cain

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Posted by member John W on Saturday 24 July 2021

In the cabinet in the forward (and aft) heads there should be a changeover valve between holding tank and sea discharge. It is probably set to the latter.

For the holding tank there will probably be a sea cock below the tank which is normally closed. The holding tank is usually accessible through a floor panel just behind the galley steps (although EVERY 42 is different!) This is usually the location of the holding tank pump as well.

I am not sure what you mean about the hose for filling (flushing) the holding tank running to the waste,


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Posted by member Cora Jane Heal on Saturday 24 July 2021

I have inherited a 2007 commador 42 and it seems to pump straight out from the forward head and if you put a hose to fill the holding tank and it just runs straight out the waste, we have looked through the manuals but nothing is jumping out at us
My dad would have known what we are doing wrong (as it was his pride and joy) and been able to tell me how to sort it
Any suggestions would be very much appreciated

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