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Posted by member Julian Gregory on Friday 9 July 2021

We too are in our first year of ownership of a 36 and I can advise that the tanks will have been fabricated by Marine Weld in N. Walsham so they may be able to help in terms of the location of baffles. To my knowledge there aren’t any access hatches and given where the tanks are mounted it will be tricky cutting any new access points on the tops of the tanks. Ours have a drain tap at the front of each tank and they may enable some of the sediment to be removed if you drain a small amount of fuel.

If you are getting black sediment it is likely to be asphaltenes, which come from the diesel. It may well help if you have the fuel polished by a professional company. There are several about who specialise in polishing fuel in boats. I made a DIY kit and did it myself on a previous boat and whilst I didn’t eradicate the sediment it did reduce it. If it helps, I have found this stuff in virtually all of our boats and we tend to have the Racor 500 filters fitted with Perspex bowls so I can see how bad it is. I have found that it hasn’t caused a problem and an annual clean of the filter housing has been enough,

For longer term maintenance of good fuel fitting Fuel Dippers from Marine 16 may help

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Posted by member Ala Edmonds on Tuesday 6 July 2021

This is my first year as the owner of a 1999 Hardy 36 Commodore. I'm finding that I need to change the fuel filters frequently, and think I have sediment in the fuel tanks. I don't think it's diesel bug. My problem is that I can't find a way to get good access into the tanks, to allow me to inspect inside, and to clean out whatever I find. Does anyone have drawings of these tanks, showing any access points but also the position of baffles, etc? Or has anyone found a different solution or a way around this problem by doing anything else?
Any help would be much appreciated.

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