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Posted by member Robin Muckle on Saturday 10 July 2021

Hi everyone
Here is an update following our experience regarding replacement windscreen and window seals on our Seawings 314.
The guy I spoke about in my last post did the work last Wednesday as arranged. He drove down from North Norfolk to Gillingham and back in a day and worked on our boat for 10 hours. He replaced the external and internal seals on the windscreen and both side windows (using approximately 40 metres of seal).
We would certainly recommend him to anyone who needs similar work done. He works on many of the major manufacturers’ boats, including Hardy with whom he has close links and can obtain all the necessary seals. He would quote individually dependent on the job and travelling distance (and whether an overnight stay would be required).
His name is Nigel Duffield and his company is Marine Glass Systems. Contact details are on his website.

(Meanwhile, thank you for your posts and good wishes, Roger!)


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Posted by member Roger Thorley on Tuesday 29 June 2021

Excellent I recently had two of mine resealed by my screen original manufacturer on my commander 32

Hope all goes well


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Posted by member Robin Muckle on Tuesday 29 June 2021

Hi Roger
Thanks very much for your response to our post. Yes, the windscreen does have a maker’s name – “Trend Glass”. I believe they were closely involved with Hardy at some time. I have contacted them and they put me in touch with a guy who used to work for them as they don’t appear to do work remotely themselves.
This chap has recently completed a similar job on a Seawings 314! He has quoted us for the work and hopefully will be able to do the job next week. This seems a bit to good to be true after our research so far but I guess we will soon find out.
If this all turns out well, I will post again regarding our experience and provide this guy’s details if he would like more work on Hardy windscreens and windows.
In the meantime, thanks again for responding and watch this space!

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Posted by member Roger Thorley on Monday 28 June 2021

Not that I have a Seawing but does glass have manufacturers name ?


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Posted by member Robin Muckle on Monday 28 June 2021

* Hi everyone,
My friend and I have a Hardy Seawings 314 currently based in Gillingham Marina. The windscreen and side window seals need replacing quite urgently. There is a serious leak on the lower starboard corner of the windscreen and the adjoining corner of the adjacent window. The seals are perished and brittle. If anyone is familiar with the model they will know that the rubber seals have a steel cover over them which is screwed/bolted into place. Also the corners are a sharp right angle rather than a rounded corner so a mitred cut and some sort of additional sealing is required?
Does anyone have any experience in this area and/or any recommendations as to how to approach the job? We are not all that confident in doing it ourselves in case we get caught out by a change of weather with all the windows out! Perhaps somebody has used a windscreen company fairly close by who could do the job professionally. We are having a bit of a problem finding one.
Any suggestions gratefully received.
Hope everyone is keeping well, kind regards
Rob & Dave

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