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Posted by member John on Tuesday 4 May 2021

After getting the number reset You would need to change your AIS registration details with Ofcom as well. I think you need the previous owners permission to do this.

It may be easier and cheaper to get a new AIS ! The AIS itself MAY be near the vhf transmitter and located behind a small removable panel at the top rear RH of the main cabin



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Posted by member Robert Ryan on Tuesday 4 May 2021

Dear Hardy Owners - I took ownership of my Hardy 42 (year 2009) in spring 2020. We formally changed the boat name, but the AIS still shows the old boat name on MarineTraffic app etc.c

I have read that the boat name is coded on a removable memory card on the Raymarine 650 AIS Transceiver, and can only be changed by a Raymarine dealer.

Does anyone have any advice on how to change the boat name on the AIS system ?

Where is the AIS Transceiver box physically located on a Hardy 42 (year 2009).

Thanks for your help !

Robert Ryan

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