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Posted by member Julian Gregory on Sunday 21 February 2021

Our 36 has the 265hp Perkins and our previous Broom 41 had the 300hp variant. As John says, they are relatively simple and robust engines without the complications of latest generation common rail stuff. No real issue with parts and service items are as cheap as chips. Only issue, which is not a biggy, is that if you donít keep the raw water cooling system clean they can start to run warm at higher revs. In reality, we donít run at high revs as the boat is about right at 12 knots - anything more and the fuel burn goes up!

We bought our 36 last year so if you want to chat or any advice / thoughts on our experience just let me know - will be happy to help.

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Posted by member john on Thursday 18 February 2021

The Perkins diesel engine was basically a marinised London Bus engine, also used in many other vehicles, and is of a fairly simple but robust mechanical design. Mine never went wrong but I imagine most parts could still be available from motor dealers. I believe later 36's used Yanmar engines.

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Posted by member Chris Turner on Monday 15 February 2021

I am looking to change boats this year and the Hardy 36 is on my shortlist. I am hoping for some feedback from members on their experiences of Perkins Sabre engines fitted to the Hardy 36. What are they like for reliability, any advise on any known issues to look out for?

With the age of these engines, what is the availability of consumables and other spares in the event of something more serious going wrong? Am I worrying unnecessarily? any thoughts would be appreciated.


Chris Turner

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