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Posted by member Ernest Brazier on Friday 5 February 2021

Peter.Many thanks for your kind posting. I should have thought of that first before posting a plea. I have found some good information and I do possess a Swedish fid so I am primed to have a go. Again thank you for the reminder. Kind regards Ernie B

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Posted by member Peter Cox on Wednesday 3 February 2021

If you open fully the Care & maintenance threads, there are loads of postings on fender ropes. Perhaps you might find some answers there. Peter

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Posted by member Ernest Brazier on Tuesday 2 February 2021

I await the return of my wire rope with a new poly hemp fender but I am unsure how to fit it. When the old one came off the bow section was held by a single length of twine threaded through holes in the deck. The two sides were not secured in the same way, the fender was simply "held up". Is there a proper way to fix this fender? Help would be much appreciated before I make a mess of it. With thanks Ernie B

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