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Posted by member michael barlow on Thursday 24 December 2020

I got replacement windows from Eagle Boat Windows down in suffolk back in April - I sent off the old ones for them to use as templates and they did a very good job, quickly turn around as well.

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Posted by member Michael on Monday 21 December 2020

Hi Simon,

Many thanks for the info, I will proceed when the weather improves and get acrylic cut using the existing windows as templates. I am already a customer of Seals Direct and have their handy tool, been using it to de-rust and replace seals on windows in our camper.

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Monday 21 December 2020

Hi Michael,
Thewindowsare5mm Perspex and they do bend to the curve on the front window without pre-forming the Perspex. Seals Direct do have the rubber profile as it is one of there stock items. Just make sure you use the correct sealant around the rubber both on the Perspex to rubber and the cabin side to rubber, As I have know people to think the rubber alone will make a seal. It does not.

Kind Regards

Simon Papendick
Former Hardy Marine employee 1983 to 1990

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Posted by member Michael on Monday 21 December 2020

I'm guessing that the original windows (x3) are 3 or 4mm acrylic (Perspex)?

Mine are now rather cloudy and have those unsightly cracks in them. Thinking about replacing them.

The sides appear almost flat but the bow window has what looks like a pronounced curve.

Question is, were they flat acrylic bent into shape and held by the seal or were they pre-formed so as to curve easily?

Assuming matching seals and filler strip can be had from seals Direct?

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