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Posted by member lynall on Tuesday 24 November 2020

I am not expert but if you have water in the oil and the fuse is blowing it sounds like the water has damaged the hyd pump, or made the oil so thick is may have burnt the motor out?

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Posted by member Roger Carter on Sunday 22 November 2020

Hi all, I have an issue with my Sterndrive 290DP. The hydraulic fluid has turned to a yogurt like substance so I assume I have water ingress. I am also blowing the 55amp fuse, which is expensive so I am replacing that for a breaker that can be reset. Before I start stripping the sterndrive has anyone had experience of this and how to go about finding the fault. Any help would be appreciated,
many thanks,
Strachur, Scotland
PS I thought I had put this issue on a few weeks ago, if I have doubled up and have missed the first appeal I apologise

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