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Posted by member Michael on Friday 20 November 2020

I used a Tesco door mat split in two and wrapped round, held by cable ties, to hide two bald patches in this location. Should let us get another year out of the fender so long as I don't hit anything.The doormat is hard to see from any distance being the same colour as rotten rope!

Your solution is a lot tidier and lasting longer. Purists eh?!

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Posted by member Richard J Talbot on Wednesday 11 November 2020

My leather covers over the rope fender below the bulwark drains were slimy and offering no protection. I have replaced these as follows. 1. Buy a length of 68mm black ( could be white ?? ) plastic drain pipe and cut off two 12" lengths.2. VERY carefully warm/ heat both ends with a blow lamp to soften the plastic and very slightly flare the ends with, for instance, a screwdriver - this will allow water to drip off as against to run along and soak the fender. 3. Make one long cut along length of plastic and trim off any sharp edges with a stanley knife. 4. At the boat, open up pipe - yes it will be flexible enough ! - and clip it over fender. Slide to below bulwark opening. 5 Ensure the cut is at the bottom and in fact the two sides of the pipe will probably overlap to provide a snug fit. Although this placcy solution may offend the Hardy purists, it really doesn't look at all bad !!

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