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Posted by member jon on Monday 19 October 2020

A Hardy 42 Robert, a good choice, such sea conditions are handled with panache . Crew just hang on!

A tablespoon handle inserted in the front gap should free the Velcro, may need two persons as a long panel (and also to put it back) and may also have wiring to the roof lights.

For a water leak up there it may be from your windscreen washer water supply, on mine a branch from domestic cold water. Been known.


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Posted by member Robert Ryan on Monday 19 October 2020

Dear HOC Members - I have a Hardy 42 from 2009.

On Saturday I cruised from Brixham to Lymington in a day, through heavy seas with >2m swell, into wind and tide for some of the way, and a lot of water was crashing over the bow and windscreen.

The boat ran perfectly, and the run was a good experience. However, there was water dripping from the headlining just behind the inside cabin helm position. I have not noticed this before, even with heavy rain.

Has anyone experienced this ? I am trying to locate the source of the leak ?

Also, what's the best was to lever off the headlining panels, held by velcro, to inspect ?

Thanks for your help,

Robert Ryan

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