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Posted by member Robert Ryan on Tuesday 26 January 2021

Thanks John for your response - tablespoon helped me safely remove the roof lining panels.

With the roof panels removed, and a water hose spraying onto the flybridge, we were able to locate the leak as caused by degraded sealant along the join between the front of the flybridge structure just below the windshield, and the helm station moulding.

The windshield was removed to get good access to the seal, the old sealant dug out, and then re-sealed.

Hope that's helpful for others...

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Posted by member jon on Monday 19 October 2020

A Hardy 42 Robert, a good choice, such sea conditions are handled with panache . Crew just hang on!

A tablespoon handle inserted in the front gap should free the Velcro, may need two persons as a long panel (and also to put it back) and may also have wiring to the roof lights.

For a water leak up there it may be from your windscreen washer water supply, on mine a branch from domestic cold water. Been known.


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Posted by member Robert Ryan on Monday 19 October 2020

Dear HOC Members - I have a Hardy 42 from 2009.

On Saturday I cruised from Brixham to Lymington in a day, through heavy seas with >2m swell, into wind and tide for some of the way, and a lot of water was crashing over the bow and windscreen.

The boat ran perfectly, and the run was a good experience. However, there was water dripping from the headlining just behind the inside cabin helm position. I have not noticed this before, even with heavy rain.

Has anyone experienced this ? I am trying to locate the source of the leak ?

Also, what's the best was to lever off the headlining panels, held by velcro, to inspect ?

Thanks for your help,

Robert Ryan

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