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Posted by member Anthony Weald on Friday 18 September 2020

Bit of a problem Terry.
If you intend to remove the lamp I guess you would have been left with screw holes in the roof, anyway. I'd be inclined to leave the headlining alone. Could you cut the heads off the bolts and leave them as studs to fit either a replacement lamp or a thin s/steel blanking plate or an adaptor plate with hardware fitted to suit new lamp hole positions? If the old bolts could be used as studs then a screwdriver slot cut in would stop them turning until tight on plate.
Just a few thoughts, maybe a photo would prompt a better solution from other members....all the best in Tony

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Posted by member Terry Asquith on Wednesday 16 September 2020

I'm trying to remove a rusted searchlight from the cabin roof of Misty Blue (Seawings 234). It's a Plastimo through roof model (413903) held in place by three bolts or machine screws with allen key type heads. They turn with lots of effort but don't unscrew which suggests there are nuts or something turning with them. I can't see any bumps in the pristine carpet headlining which could be nuts and I can't see any way of getting into that headlining apart from cutting it open and tearing it off, It feels as though there is some sort of foam between the headling and the grp so patching could end as a botch-up.
Any ideas would be most welcome.

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