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Posted by member Mark Dell on Sunday 9 August 2020

* Another view

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Posted by member Mark Dell on Sunday 9 August 2020

* Thanks Marie

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Posted by member Regent on Saturday 8 August 2020

* In response to Richard's comment, we have just recovered all the cabin seats and matching trim on our Pilot 20 SE ourselves. In our case, we decided to cover over the existing fabric but others might prefer to replace everything, including the foam. I suspect that might be a very expensive route. We used fabric from Boyriven who were recommended to us by Hardy initially as suppliers for the carpet which we also ordered from them but have not been able to fit it yet. We carefully measured everything and ordered 8m * 1.6m of waterproof fabric (122.30 inc VAT). The 1.6m width of the fabric roll is very important if you don't want to be sewing pieces together for the bow section. We bought a Rapid R34 Staple Gun (25.88) and Tacwise stainless steel staples (2000 for 11.33) - both on Amazon. All this worked very well for us and we had never done any upholstering before. I attach a (not particularly good) picture of one of the sections. Hope this helps.

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Posted by member Marie O'Connell on Thursday 6 August 2020

Ahoy Mark,

It's Marie HOC Editor here. First of all thanks for your contribution to the next issue of the Hardy Owner magazine. Much appreciated.

I was wondering if you should try and reduce the size of your file when trying to post on the Message Board, as this might be the problem. Your images are very good quality for the magazine, but perhaps too large for use on here ?
Have another go and if you are still having problems, I will try later when I have a it of time myself.
As I explained, our webmaster is away at the moment, so can't contact him for assistance.

Usually it's a straightforward process, but you know how these things sometimes go out of kilter.

Good luck.

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Posted by member Mark Dell on Wednesday 5 August 2020

Hi Richard the cushions I had made and wanted to post a photo of are just the scatter type.
I doubt she would do upholstery

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Posted by member Richard Stewart on Wednesday 5 August 2020

Are these cushions for the cabin,ie the 6 cushions you sit and sleep on, as I need to get mine upholstered?

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Posted by member Mark Dell on Tuesday 4 August 2020

Hi everyone

New cushions made by a friend of the family, if anyone on here wants any made for them just ask!

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