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Posted by member Wayne wilkinson on Wednesday 8 May 2024

Can anyone help,I have noticed family pilot 20 boat's with outboard engines bigger HP that 75hp ie 80 90 100,can anyone direct me to a insurance company that will cover a boat with a HP Higher than the boat is Rated for.

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Posted by member Chris on Friday 7 August 2020

I have just become a Hardy Family Pilot owner, and having read this thread, got quotes from Craftinsure, GJW Direct and Nautical Insurance, Essex (this last a recommendation from a friend). I looked at Y Yacht and whilst I liked the approach, the company looks vulnerable to me - I didn't like what the website said about the underwriter's plans to "deprioritise" this part of its business.

Of the other three, Craftinsure were cheapest but had the least specific cover and I discounted them on that basis. GJW and Nautical were identical on cover and very clear on important issues like salvage, road transport and layup. They were the same almost to the penny on premium. I spoke with both. GJW were happy to agree a sensible insured value, and less picky about cover for ancillaries like trailer, auxiliary engine etc. which meant that all these are named items within the same premium overall. I gave them my business.

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Posted by member Richard on Monday 20 July 2020

Probably a bit late for a reply, but we have used Y Yacht insurance for a few years now.
Iirc there are some naughty get out clauses on many boat insuracne policies, which were addressed by Y Yacht insurance.
378 gbp for Hardy 27.

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Posted by member Mark Dell on Friday 17 July 2020

I use craftinsure too so far very good

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Posted by member Rob on Thursday 16 July 2020

Hello Ian
I am with GJWDirect. They knew about my boat, although I would not say they were specialists for Hardy.
I am also on the non-Tidal Thames.

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Posted by member Clive ffitch on Tuesday 14 July 2020

Hi Ian,

We have an FP and have always been happy with CraftInsure (as advertised in the HOC magazine), and have used them for a good many years, including previously when we had a sail boat.

Application and admin is all online at: www.craftinsure.com.

Hope helps,


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Posted by member Ian Petrie on Wednesday 8 July 2020

I am the new owner of Family Pilot 20 'Ratty XII' to be moored shortly on the non-tidal Thames. I have insured my previous (younger) day boat with 'insure4boats' who have always found very helpful and competitive.
As 'Ratty' is much older and more complex, are there any companies the Club are aware of that they would recommend (without liability) that have a good understanding of Hardys?

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