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Posted by member Robert Sneddon on Wednesday 8 July 2020

Hi Ian
Two first class suggestions from Simon and Mark.
Alternatively if you feel you would like a more permanent solution and provided you do not foresee a return to a sea toilet then the outlets could be removed and the hull properly sealed. I understanding this would be a bigger job though.
Regarding the echo sounder i would personally suggest you fit a new transducer.
Kind regards

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Posted by member Mark Dell on Wednesday 8 July 2020

Hi Ian nice meet I you the other day at Hambleden!
I had a sea toilet on Ruby Ann and what I did was cap off the actual hose above the water line with BSP brass fittings secured with two jubilee clips and then a brass cap screwed on.
The valves were turned off so it was just double security for me
I left it like that just in case the boat is sold back to the coast in the future
Best regards

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Posted by member Ian Petrie on Wednesday 8 July 2020

Thanks Simon
That's really helpful

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Wednesday 8 July 2020

Hi Ian,
I have looked at your photo and that was not standard Hardy installation as they were not fitted that close together. If they are standard fittings for a standard toilet they would be 3/4 inch BSP and 1 1/2 inch BSP valves, You should be able to get the blanks from A.S.A.P. marine. The best thing to do with the echo sounder transducer is to either leave it in place or replace it with a new transducer if you wish to use an echo sounder.

Kind Regards

Simon Papendick
Former Hardy Marine Employee 1983 to 1990
J-Star Marine Services
Mob: 07534045729

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Posted by member Ian Petrie on Wednesday 8 July 2020

* I have recently purchased a Pilot Family 20 - Ratty XII - for use on the non-tidal Thames.
A Marine Survey suggests the toilet inlet and outlet should be 'properly capped off', The previous owner has fitted soft wood bungs.
Is this adequate? Am I right in thinking suitable bronze caps could be obtained from a local plumber's merchant? If so - what size and thread? If not - is there a marine parts supplier who can help?
The sea toilet remains available to refit should a subsequent purchaser wish to do so.
Also, there is a redundant transducer fitment that has been disconnected, fitted to the manufacturer's specification (plastic fitment through the hull). No evidence of leaks here either.
The hull is in very good condition and has been epoxy treated.
I feel removing the existing fitments will create more problems than they will solve as there is no current evidence of leakage.
Just concerned any insurers I approach will be 'twitchy'.

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