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Posted by member Richard Neale on Tuesday 22 September 2020

Hi Regent, I had the same problem and did the same as you. To make the sliders run better in the tracks, I made some wooden backing strips to follow the curve of the cockpit sides so that the tracks were not distorted by the curve. The sliders do need plenty of lubrication to prevent corrosion setting in on the diecast material.
Pipe Dream, Milford Haven

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Posted by member Regent on Wednesday 2 September 2020

Dear Graham,
Many thanks. I ordered the sliders only and they do fit my tracks.
Removing the seized ones was a bit of a pain. I removed the tracks and soaked them in white vinegar for a few days. Then I screwed the tracks to a piece of wood and then hammered the sliders out using a block of wood that fitted in the tracks. This avoided damage to the tracks. Fortunately, they were seized near the ends of the tracks but did not cover any of the fixing screws!!.
Many thanks again for your help.
Kind regards,

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Posted by member Graham Clay on Tuesday 1 September 2020

I reused the old tracks, as I would have had to drill new holes for at least some points to use the new ones.

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Posted by member Regent on Monday 31 August 2020

Hi Graham,
Many thanks for your reply. Very helpful. For the new tracks you got, did you find you needed to drill new fixing holes or did the new ones align with the previous holes?
Many thanks in advance.
Kind regards,

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Posted by member Graham Clay on Monday 31 August 2020

* Hi,
Yes - Sheridan do a complete set (their ref. HF655A - slightly (maybe 1cm) shorter track than the original, but quite adequate) or I found that the slider units from the set fitted the original tracks, so you could take a bit of a punt and just order those (HF645).
I had to enlarge the hole in the end of the canopy arms just slightly to take the new bolt (imperial vs. metric size at a guess), but that was all. Very happy with the results.
Cheers, Graham

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Posted by member Regent on Sunday 23 August 2020

Hi Graham,
Did you manage to get the canopy slide track mounts? I have the same problem.
Many thanks and kind regards,

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Posted by member Graham Clay on Thursday 16 July 2020

Thanks - have ordered some of the Sheridan Marine ones and will let you know how I get on!

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Posted by member Richard Stewart on Wednesday 8 July 2020

I have found these,


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Posted by member Kenny Clark on Tuesday 7 July 2020

You could try Seascrew for sliders. https://www.seascrew.com


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Posted by member Richard Harrison on Monday 6 July 2020

Hi Graham,
The canopy sliders on my Pilot had corroded and seized too. Finding replacements proved a challenge but I eventually found virtually identical units at Sheridan Marine two years ago. I have just checked their website and they donít seem to list them any more, although they do show a nylon variant. The part number then was HF 642 and they cost about £7.00 each. It might be worth giving them a call.

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Posted by member Graham Clay on Sunday 5 July 2020

* Hi everyone. The sliders for the cockpit cover on Lorien (Family Pilot 20SE) have seized up and need replacement - anyone any ideas where to purchase replacements, please?

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