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Posted by member Graham Clay on Thursday 16 July 2020

Thanks - have ordered some of the Sheridan Marine ones and will let you know how I get on!

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Posted by member Richard Stewart on Wednesday 8 July 2020

I have found these,


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Posted by member Kenny Clark on Tuesday 7 July 2020

You could try Seascrew for sliders. https://www.seascrew.com


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Posted by member Richard Harrison on Monday 6 July 2020

Hi Graham,
The canopy sliders on my Pilot had corroded and seized too. Finding replacements proved a challenge but I eventually found virtually identical units at Sheridan Marine two years ago. I have just checked their website and they donít seem to list them any more, although they do show a nylon variant. The part number then was HF 642 and they cost about £7.00 each. It might be worth giving them a call.

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Posted by member Graham Clay on Sunday 5 July 2020

* Hi everyone. The sliders for the cockpit cover on Lorien (Family Pilot 20SE) have seized up and need replacement - anyone any ideas where to purchase replacements, please?

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