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Posted by member Clive ffitch on Sunday 1 March 2020

Hi Martin,

Just caught up with post... glad you found the pages on Adele useful!

Nope, still have Adele, and looking forward to a hopefully vaguely sunny storm-free and slightly warmer season on our new permanent mooring in Fowey (we've been on allocated temporary moorings up 'til now)!!!


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Posted by member Kenny Clark on Sunday 23 February 2020

* Martin,
I have Super Roller Coaster 5 trailer. Launching in seawater for past 8 years has been hard on brakes, axles etc.

Note cranked cross rails (photo) means keel sits lower on trailer. Newer models may have straight rails, keeping keel higher off the road.


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Posted by member Regent on Tuesday 4 February 2020

Dear Clive,
Many thanks for your comments and advice. Very helpful! Certainly wouldn't be using it for launching. I suppose the other problem I have is then buying (or hiring) a vehicle for the occasional towing. I don't think my Volvo would quite do it.
Thanks again for your help.
Kind regards,
PS. Funnily enough I was reading about the refurbishment work you did on Adele only the other day! Did you buy another Hardy?

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Posted by member Clive ffitch on Saturday 1 February 2020

* Hi Regent,

The trailer we had with Adele (until we sold the trailer last year) was an SBS model SBS-R4-2500B as shown in the photo a couple of years ago. The trailer was a braked twin axle (axle ref from plate was 211522/243WP if that helps). We had benches and central rollers, simply because it came like that when we bought the boat, rather than rollers all round. Antifouling under benches was OK if you lowered a pair at a time to access.

We only had the trailer on the road when Adele was bought in 2012, and subsequently only used the trailer for boatyard storage and seasonal launch/recovery. Launching use certainly did for the trailer axles and brakes in the end, which despite flushing in fresh water, meant the trailer was destined for non-road use until fully restored. If not used for launching, such a trailer was absolutely fine for use with a Family Pilot. Just keep it out of the sea water if you intend the trailer for road use!

Happy trailing, Clive

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Posted by member Regent on Sunday 26 January 2020

I am planning to purchase a suitable trailer for my Hardy Pilot SE. The primary use would be for trailing it on the road to different marina locations where the boat would be lifted in and out of the water. So use for launching would very much be secondary. I would be interested to hear what specific models of trailer other members might be using. Many thanks in advance, Martin.

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