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Posted by member Hardy Editor on Saturday 1 February 2020

Good morning Jenny,

It's Marie here the HOC Editor, and I first of all I would like to welcome you to our Hardy Owners Club and hope that you will find many new friends to share your love of being out on the water in your Hardy.

I have checked with our Membership Secretary about your magazine, and the reason that you have not received a copy of our latest issue, number 138, is that you had not joined the HOC by the time the edition was published. You will now receive further copies as a paid up member from the Spring 2020 edition onwards. In addition, as I understand it, our Secretary also sent you a couple of previous magazines as 'tasters' and this is normal practice when a new member joins us, so I hope that you will enjoy reading those during the interim.

As regards not being able to download, I will pass this issue on to our Webmaster for you, who may very well be working on the HOC website. I will contact you via your email address with my findings. In fact issue 138 may not even be on our downloads page yet, if this is what you were trying to download. Please bear in mind that all HOC Officers are volunteers and fit in their HOC administrative tasks around their other lives - I'm sure you will understand.

I will find a moment to send you the article which Peter refers to about the mast lowering situation as soon as I can. Peter is one of many of our HOC members who takes a personal interest in trying to share information in order to help other members with their enquiries on our very successful HOC Members Message Board. We are fortunate to have many experienced boat owners onboard.

We hope that you will have a wonderful new boating season ahead and will consider contributing to our magazines yourself in due course, once settled in. We wish you many happy years as a Hardy Owner.

Kindest regards,
Marie HOC Editor

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Posted by member Jenny lowe on Friday 31 January 2020

Unfortunately I haven't received issue 138 yet. And I cannot down load off this site?

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Posted by member Peter Cox on Wednesday 29 January 2020

The current issue 138 of 'Hardy Owner' has a good article on a 36 that had its mast temporarily lowered for canals.

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Posted by member Jenny on Saturday 25 January 2020

We hopefully are going through the canals of France into the Med in the next couple of months
How difficult is it to lower/raise the mast as we have to go under low bridges.
How heavy is the mast?

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