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Posted by member Ernie Brazier on Tuesday 4 February 2020

Hi Peter, Thank you for your comment. I think I will do the same thing on grounds of safety . Either in ply or steel . I thought the hole was only on the Regatta interesting that it was also on the seawings model. Most Hardy's seem to have the ground tackle covered over with a hinged lid. Thank you for replying to me. Fair winds and good boating in the coming season. Ernie Brazier

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Posted by member Peter stockley on Saturday 25 January 2020

Hi Ernest, I completely agree with you. I had a piece of three quarter inch marine ply left over from work on my seawings 194 and made a triangular cover. It has proved really useful especially when we take her on the canals and my wife is always jumping in and out of the boat to work the locks, Peter Stockley

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Posted by member ERnest Brazier on Friday 24 January 2020

Thank you Simon . As I am elderly and a bit unsteady on the feet I would obviously prefer to have this area covered when hauling a mooring bouy. It is quite a big space and right in the bow. Interesting that Hardy never saw it a a problem. The Regatta is a wonderful boat and I am really happy with her. Perhaps I should stop worrying and learn to stand in the space on top of the anchor and warps. Thank you for replying to me. With kind regards. Ernie Brazier

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Sunday 19 January 2020

Hi Ernest,
I was employed at Hardy Marine during the time that the Hardy Regatta was build and in fact I build the first production Hardy Regatta from the time it was moulded to the time it was ready to leave Hardy Marine. The space you are talking about was never seen as you say since as (potentially dangerous) and was never covered over. There was never a chain locker lid made for the foredeck as far as I can remember.

Simon Papendick
Hardy Marine Employee 1983 to 1990

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Posted by member ERnest Brazier on Sunday 19 January 2020

The foredeck of the Regatta has an open space (hole) to contain anchor and warp. This is potentially dangerous. Has anyone covered this ? What material and design please.

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