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Posted by member Kenny Clark on Tuesday 17 December 2019

Thank you for your advice.

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Tuesday 10 December 2019

Hi Kenny,

DZR are the best value for money and as long as you keep the ball valves with a little grease on the moving surfaces they should be good for many years.


Simon Papendick

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Posted by member Kenny Clark on Monday 9 December 2019

I have two gate valves on FP sea toilet. Both valves are over 5 years old and best practice recommends replacement.

I beleive seacocks and all through-hull fittings should be manufactured to ISO 9093-1.

There are many materials on the market. My query is which type is the Hardy preference to last 5 years maintenance free and resistant to seawater:
- Brass with chrome ball valve.
- Bronze.
- DZR (Dezincification Resistant Brass)
- Stainless steel
- Nylon

Valves can be expensive. Just need to weigh up cost of old seacock failing and consequences of letting in water with cost of replacement ball valves.

My preference seems to be DZR valves with 'CR' corrosion resistant stamp.

If anyone has made the choice I would appreciate you advice.


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