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Posted by member Robert Sneddon on Monday 30 August 2021

Hello John
I have a 1986 Family Pilot and on mine the port side berth is longer than the starboard side due to the heads compartment.
I could go on and try to explain all the various differences, however it may be worth your while giving Simon Papendick a call at J-Star Marine Services. As a previous Hardy employee I have always found him to be more than willing to help.

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Posted by member Caroline Munro on Sunday 29 August 2021

Hi John

A couple of answers..

We have a Hardy Pilot. We have the V shaped Berth that with the inserts becomes a good size bed. We bought a double mattress topper that lies sideways.
There is also what could be considered a 3rd berth (portside) most of it is under the 2 ring gas cooker and sink in the wheel house. That side would allow a tall person to stretch out no problem. We took the seat out to make a cubby and it's now our dog bed!
Across from that is a sea flush toilet. We can only use it by opening the door, it then offers privacy from the wheel house and you reverse in to sit... not the most dignified experience but its a good loo! Not a chance of using with the door closed

I think the SE has sliding windows and the wheelhouse seats are different.


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Posted by member Mark Dell on Thursday 7 November 2019

Hi John
Firstly I am no means a Hardy expert so this reply might invite others to chip in
I own a lovely Hardy Bosun a 2001 model I cannot see where the lack of robustness is? It seems solid and well built.
Mine had a small Russian diesel heater in it that didn’t pass the boat Safety Scheme here on the Thames and had to be removed (it’s in my shed if anyone wants it?)
Sleeping wise I am 5’ 7” and seems roomy enough
I have just installed a cassette toilet and to say it’s a little cramped may be an understatement!
The original sea toilet faced across the boat and you could use it with the door open and swung back to the cockpit
Hope my little reply helps



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Posted by member John Wilkinson on Thursday 31 October 2019

Apologies if this has been covered before, but could some kind person(s) improve my knowledge please?
Boating for 56 years, mainly inland craft, Dutch barges etc and have just sold a 37' cruiser. Always liked the look of Hardys, and have joined HOC in order to help me in acquiring one. I'd like a 20', but I'm now confused about the various different models I've seen so far. I'm only interested in the Pilot/Family Pilot/ SE/ Bosun but have noticed that some have a 3rd berth, some have galleys inside (?), others outside, some are under a second seat, others not. Others have a cupboard/wardrobe(?) instead of a 3rd berth.
Could some kind person enlighten me please as to exactly what I'm looking at and the differences? At the moment I don't have any specific preferences but I'd like to gain sufficient knowledge to be able to distinguish what it is I'm actually viewing.
Other points are:-
What sizes are the v berths, both length and width? Do different models have different sizes? I'm 6'2" so this really matters. We'd rather use them as twin berths, rather than the infill double. (Age and getting out etc......)
Is the toilet compartment easy for a person of my age and size? (I looked at a Seaward 23 recently and the loo compartment was ridiculous-I couldn't get in, let alone use it.)
I want this for Irish inland waters, and don't require an engine that gives planing ability. What size is ideal for merely going to the pub across the lake? (I should say here that Lough Derg is 27 miles long and 7 at its widest point, and it can blow up to be deeply unpleasant, with short waves that could give my last boat, a 37' Dutch steel twin engined cruiser weighing 13 tons a real smacking around, so it needs to be powerful enough to run for home)
What are the all up weights of these various models? I imagine they're very similar, but trailering would be of help.
Apart from what might be termed the obvious, any thoughts on the various merits of outboard versus diesel outdrive would be welcome too please. Not interested in saildrive whatsoever.
Does anyone have experience of installing pressurized hot water, ie space for a tank, pump and means of heating it?
Similarly, an Eberspacher type for space heating?
Lastly, I hope, I seem to remember reading (on here?) that the Bosun (which I favour, simply because it doesn't have any external timberwork or rubber window surrounds) wasn't built so well or robustly as the earlier models. Any truth in that?
Thanks for reading and for any possible help. Please forgive the length of this enquiry. I'm sure I've forgotten something!
I follow adverts all over, so I think I'm reasonably clued up on what's for sale at any given time.
John Wilkinson. HOC 3160

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