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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Sunday 27 October 2019

Dear Andrew,
It can be done, however, there are no mouldings left from the time they were build, so the cost would be high as there would be a lot of work involved in making new moulds, another way of doing the work would be to make the locker/seat out of Teak faced marine plywood. So the question is which route would be the way you wish to take.


Simon Papendick
Former Hardy Marine employee

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Posted by member Andrew Poyner on Saturday 26 October 2019

I am interested in the feasibility of converting the port hand cockpit galley arrangement on older Pilot 20s to the arrangement I have seen on the SE model and Bosun (I think), which has the port hand seat on a hinged grp box with the galley underneath. Any suggestions?

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