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Posted by member Roger Carter on Tuesday 29 October 2019

Hi Mark, I have just purchased a 25' and therefore joined the HOC. If you should still have any radios for sale I too would be interested in one as the boat I have purchased was used on Loch Lomond and has no radio, whilst I am intending to be boating on Loch Fynne and connecting waters,
Many thanks,

Roger Carter

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Posted by member Mark Dell on Sunday 22 September 2019

Hi Peter they are both in perfect working order but now the boat is solely being used on the Thames they will never be of use to me. I think they are both Stalo or similar name I can check tomorrow and have a look and perhaps take photos?

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Posted by member Peter Cox on Sunday 22 September 2019

What make, model and age are they, and do they work?

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Posted by member Mark Dell on Sunday 22 September 2019

Hi all I have two radios for sea use and would like them moved on as I really wont use them.
I am not sure that the for sale section supports this but if anyone is genuinely interested get in touch
They will be sold very cheap

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