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Posted by member Robert snedd9n on Wednesday 4 September 2019

Hi Nick
I fitted a removable bench seat across the galley on my Family Pilot.
I was initially going to put it over the sink but felt it might be a bit small and not very steady, so it sits over the complete galley section.
It was made from a simple ply base which fits across the area with an overlap at the front and the end. This allowed the fitting of a wooden beading to the underside edge. The forward edge of the base needs to be curved on the bottom to match the slight curve of the bulkhead making it a neat fitting. The part of the base that sits over the sink has a circular piece of wood approx 25mm thick secured to the underside and tapered so that it sits neatly inside the top of the sink. With this fitted and the underside edging there is practically no movement in the base whatsoever.
It then can have itís cushioning and covering of your choice. I also made a removable backrest.
My details are in the members section if you want to get in touch.
Kind regards

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Posted by member Nick Askham on Monday 2 September 2019

Hi Keith - many thanks for your reply. I realise now my error; Snowgoose is a Family Pilot so is different from your model. Sorry for making the error.

Regards and thanks,


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Posted by member Keith Lewcock on Monday 2 September 2019

Hi Nick
I have a River Pilot. It has an enclosed extended wheelhouse with doors at the back but i think the conversion you are looking at is on a Family Pilot with the open back wheelhouse. My River Pilot has both steering and navigation seats just inside the wheelhouse doors.I am not sure that the conversion you are looking for is possible on the River Pilot. However i can send pics if that would help,


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Posted by member Nick Askham on Sunday 25 August 2019

Hello - I am interested in having a passenger, or navigators, seat in the wheelhouse of my River Pilot. I have seen a conversion on the website: shorebase.co.uk where the galley is altered to accomodate a seat but wonder if any Hardy owners have experience, or other ideas, of fitting such a seat. I would appreciate any help that members can provide.
Thanks, Nick.

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