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Posted by member Felix on Wednesday 14 August 2019

Trying to find out if anyone has fitted duckboards in the open area aft and if so what material was used etc.
At present I have fitted interlocking square rubber mats which are very good but hold any rain water in the joints of the rubber matting and underneath them.
As an aside, the boat is a Hardy Regatta with bifold doors and has a sump aft with an opening 1 dia going forward into a void under the floor of the cabins accessible via the Desmo table stand (the base of which had corroded away) so I could see into the void and dry it out. I fitted a screw in nylon bung into the front face of the sump where the 1 hole is,this will stop any ingress of water into the void.
So any thoughts on duckboards will be appreciated.

Steve Hogwood.

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