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Posted by member Tony Weald on Wednesday 10 July 2019

Thank you Sydney

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Posted by member Sydney on Wednesday 10 July 2019

We once had to tighten the jubilee clip as that was allowing water to seep out. A bit of twisting about with a torch and kitchen paper to try and establish the actual source of the water may helpbefore you do something drastic!

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Posted by member Tony Weald on Monday 8 July 2019

Thanks Peter will check

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Posted by member Peter Cox on Monday 8 July 2019

Good to hear that you still have your Hardy but a pity no longer at Shotley.
You write: "behind the calorifier"; does that mean that it might not be the calorifier itself? I ask because only a few days ago I had a huge leak in the drinking water system that I traced to a plastic tee connector coming apart. Turned out that the plastic pipe did not enter the connector straight and that the olive inside the connector was fitted the wrong way round so that it did not grip the pipe.
I also found that the reason why about 200 litres of water in the bilge had not set off the bilge pump was that the single screw holding the float switch to the bilge floor had come out, with the result that the whole float switch was floating on top of the water! Also learnt for the future not to leave the fresh water pump on while on passage.
Regards, Peter

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Posted by member Tony Weald on Sunday 7 July 2019

Hi there! We have an issue with domestic water leaking from what appears to be behind the calorifier into the bilge when freshwater pump is on in our mariner 25.
Does anyone have experience of removing and replacing the calorifier? There seems to be insufficient headroom and space to get the tank out. Makes me wonder if it was installed before engine/deck moulding.
If I need to destroy the tank to remove if it is holed is there a smaller one available that can be jiggled in?
Thanks Tony

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