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Posted by member Clive ffitch on Saturday 27 April 2019

Hi Matt,

Sounds like you are enjoying your Hardy! Not sure what SX is, but I'm sure Simon will be able to help on that one.

As regards a Chartplotter/Depth Sounder, just my two-penneth, and I'm sure others will have just as good recommendations of their own completely at odds with mine, but I've been more than happy with my Garmin EchoMAP 55dv as a combo Chartplotter and Depth Sounder. Has both DownVu and SideVu sonar capabilities, dependent on which transponder you buy (these are separate). I have a DownVu which I have been more than happy with. The unit comes with Garmin BlueChart g2 mapping for whole of UK/Ireland.

The unit is now discontinued, I bought as just on verge of being so, and paid 417 from GaelForce in October 2015. You may be able to find a good deal for one somewhere, or have a look at later models. Details on the 55dv can be seen at the following (among others)...

I bought the transducer (Garmin DownVu ECHO FD - 010-12087-00) for 73 from Pecheur, who seemed by far to have best prices at the time, and gave excellent service. Link at...

Hope helps a little and gives you some details to ponder on!

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Posted by member Matt on Thursday 25 April 2019


I'm very new to boating so please excuse any terminology errors or general naivety. I recently bought a lovely little Hardy Navigator and wanted to add a chart plotter / GPS unit to it - does anyone have a good recommendation of one? Ideally I'd like one unit that did everything as too many screens / gadgets etc will just clutter everything up.

Also, my Navigator is an SX, what does the SX mean?

Many thanks

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