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Posted by member Clive ffitch on Monday 9 September 2019

Thanks Felix, sounds a good way to go. I think Simon Kidd has also been keen on the pantograph solution - he may be able to add something to this as well.

The wiper blade I used in the solution I ended up with by the way, was the Force 4 "Standard Duty Wiper Blade" part no. 160019 (11") for £3.95. 11" long cut down easily to 10" to fit my particular Vetus motor and wiper arm configuration. For £3.95, mustn't grumble, and I even bought a spare at the same time! Burnt the midnight oil trawling for one on ebay, and there it was just sitting there on Force 4!

Ready for rain and spray now.


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Posted by member Felix on Sunday 8 September 2019

Hi Clive I am experimenting with a pantograph system at the moment will let you all know results possibly later this year or early next. I think itís worth thinking about.


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Posted by member Clive ffitch on Saturday 7 September 2019

* To add to my last comment, this is the configuration that I ended up with using the new Vetus wiper motor and wiper arm... the wiper arm I had to drill as desibed, and also to "invert the bent adjustable stainless arm fitting to get the correct freedom of movement, given the wiper blades I had.

A tad unconventional, but it does the job with the blades I had. If I had mounted the blade with the fitting in the "conventional" direction, the arm and blade assembly would have been too long for the windscreen dimension.

Nought like a bit of fiddling!


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Posted by member Clive ffitch on Saturday 7 September 2019

* Hi Martin,

Sorry for delay in replying to your question... if you haven't already solved the puzzle, this is a better photo of the rotatable converter fitting that I have been using. Not sure if this fitting was original from Hardy, but it was certainly already on the boat when we bought Adele.

The 7.2mm wiper arm fits in the slot at the "top" of the converter, held on with the screw through it, that then screws and tightens into the bottom of the fitting, at whatever angle works best for you, dependent on length of wiper blade being used etc. The 5.0mm part of the converter fits into the wiper blade of course, though orientation may depend again on the wiper arm and blade hardware you have.

You may need to drill through the wiper arm where the attachment "half-hole and dimple" is located that usually slots into and holds a 7.2mm wiper blade, in order to accommodate the screw of the converter fitting.


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Posted by member Regent on Monday 26 August 2019

Dear All,
I'm now confronting the issue of finding a wiper blade that will fit the original arm and the rotatable converter shown in Clive's picture of 23rd April. I was 'loaned' a Bosch SP11 to try but could not figure out how to attach it to that adapter? What am I missing?
Many thanks in anticipation for your help.
Kind regards,

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Posted by member Clive ffitch on Friday 26 April 2019

Correction... (sorry!)... I should have said in my previous post...

"This is the old kernackered 9.5" one I took off - *5.0mm* fitting, but came with a very handy *5.0mm* rotatable converter fitting that adapts to a *7.2mm* wiper arm."

Thanks Kenny, I will check out the Bosch Amazon ones as well!


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Posted by member Kenny Clark on Tuesday 23 April 2019

I have been using Bosch 11" wiper blades. Not had any problems with these.

Bosch SP11 Super Plus Universal, Single Wiper Blade from Amazon.
Price: £4.62 FREE delivery


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Posted by member Clive ffitch on Tuesday 23 April 2019

* This is the old kernackered 9.5" one I took off - 7.2mm fitting, but came with a very handy 10mm rotatable converter fitting that adapts to a 10mm wiper arm.

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Posted by member Clive ffitch on Tuesday 23 April 2019

* Thanks Rob, I have a feeling I should have checked for MGB GT before, as I believe you replied same to me after my earlier foray into wiper arms! The MGB GT from possibly the same ebay sellers says...

"MGB Pair of wiper blades, fits MGB 1970-1980 with wide bayonet fitting 7.2mm, 10 inches long in stainless steel, made by tex, (part no B14310)"

Does not look like these are cuttable-downable though if they turn out a bit long. I've attached a pic of the ebay MGB GT one I found. The same ebay seller has the Midget/Sprite 9" and 10" ones, also not cuttable. Maybe 10" is the answer. Looking back, I also found Dominic Gribbin also recommended the Mk1 Landrover Defender blade, so I will check the length of them.

I suspect, though I'm not 100% sure, that Navigator and Pilot wiper blade dimensions are not much different!

Cheers, Clive

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Posted by member Rob on Monday 22 April 2019

Hello Clive
For my Navigator, I purchased the one for the MGB GT, which might be different to the Midget/Sprite.
I just cut it to size and smoothed down.
Have fun on the water

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Posted by member Clive ffitch on Saturday 20 April 2019

Hi all,
Having just accepted that our Family Pilot wiper motor has finally gone completely awol, I have sent off for a new Vetus unit and matching short push-fit wiper arm. However, the Vetus wiper blade itself is way too long, and I am about to send off for an MG Midget/Sprite wiper blade that others have used and have suggested fits the bill, albeit with a likely little local mod to attach it to the new Vetus arm.

However, my old wiper blade that came from goodness knows where and looks like nothing even the depths of eBay can reproduce, measures 9.5" long, but the MG blades are either 9" or 10" in length. Can anyone actually confirm the correct length that a proper self-respecting Pilot wiper blade should be?

If all else fails, I'll go for the 9" which is sure to fit, but if 10" is good I will go for that. Oh the joys of wipers. Mumble mumble... I suppose probably either will fit given the right persuasion...

Thanks! Clive

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