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Posted by member Peter Cox on Monday 15 April 2019

Roger & Caroline
Welcome to Hardy 32 ownership. Forgive me for probably stating the obvious but your three options didn't include trying a repair, either Raymarine themselves (assuming it's a Raymarine radar) or The Service Centre https://www.theservicecentre.eu/ , in Fareham and Wareham respectively. Alternatively, is there a local marine electronics firm to try? HOC member Anthony PurnelI has a 36 in your area, he might know of someone. I guess the first diagnosis is finding out whether the fault is in the radar head, the wiring or the plotter.
Regards, Peter

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Posted by member Roger Thorley on Thursday 11 April 2019

Hi all

I am the finally the proud new owner of a 32.

The previous owners have looked after Cuan Lady really well. Now itís the new tenant!

Like all new owners we have spent the first week finding the on off buttons but we now are looking at our upgrade list.

The following is I am sure a familiar problem!

Radar not working!!

Do we :-

1) Replace with new, unfortunately this means that the c120 Raymarine plotter has to be replaced too. There is a replacement radar suitable for the the widescreen version but not the classic. I also favour originality...and the price would be 4K plus so that has an impact!
2) Live with it, donít go out in fog! Now when I was a lad we had an azimuth on a gyro repeater and radar so it kind of feels like Iím half missing something or do I get over that and learn to use the plotter !
3) Become an eBay addict and search second hand market, this seems risky to me as nothing guaranteed and I end up with another broken radar.

Now Iím sure there are others who have trodden this well worn path so their advice and experience will be great. I am sure if I go back far enough there are old threads on this, but maybe someone has a new answer!

Fix this and the next Krypton factor question is on the way!,

Roger and Caroline Thorley

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